Ocean Wave Energy Company

OWECO Ocean Wave Energy Company mission is carbon combustion and nuclear processing reduction, hydrogen/oxygen cycling, and water climate management through utility-scale wave energy conversion to electricity. Founded 1978 in Rhode Island USA, and providing the first wave energy web site since 1994, OWECO internationally participates in fostering renewable ocean energy and best practice regulation in the coming sea change. Naturally hydroficient synergy, minimum system technology, and patented direct-drive components are applied to high-energy offshore and deeper ocean interference waves. Self-supported, quick dis/connectable, and scalable OWEC® Ocean Wave Energy Converter modules have least true cost and environmental impact. High or low resolution Windows Media File introduces the OWEC® system and is best viewed with sound. We hope you regard this site and select links to relevant information. Other telephone: cell 401-286-9933, voice mail 401-253-4488.

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